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About Us

About Us

www.megabooklet.comis a social and informative start-up, we vouch to bring modernity and fusion in to the mix of these basic mediators and aim to support and empower architectural innovations

With MegaBooklet, you can connect and socialize with other people in construction fields like consultants, sub-consultants, manufacturers, brands, large scale, mid-size and small companies, Interior and Urban designers, construction professionals as well as students hence making this a proper guild to feed your professional mind and related requirements.

This website is owned by ‘Megabooklet Private Limited’ , the company was registered under the Companies Act, 2013 and It plays the role of a complete online guide book of Building Products and Materials for all Architects, Designers & Developers giving them a single window to understand, compare, evaluate and choose from a variety of construction material and product available in the market, nationally and internationally.

We also bring to you a portfolio to personalize, design and decorate as your own hence making ‘bragging and branding’ easier for you by eliminating the need for mediators between you and your clients and therefore helping you achieve your goals and fulfill all your requirements, easily and swiftly.

We help you brag about your projects, manage a systematic portfolio for which you will receive a sharing your Mega booklet page URL that can act and be presented to clients helping you create awareness for your brand!

We also offer paid advertisement services like banners in order to be able to take your business to the next level and to be able to attract the attention of all the users to your services which will help you climb up the ladder of success with extreme ease.

What are our core values?

Our foremost duty as a brand that aims to grasp your trust and fulfil all your needs is to make sure that there is zero communication gap.

We provide clear transparency to the businesses and professionals that sign up with us and hence, we vouch to keep the buyers and the suppliers both, happy.

Promotion of Innovation
We work on originality. We tend to break the general standards for professional world and support innovations which brings to you, services that actually cater to all your whims!

If you have any question regarding this, feel free to get in touch with us @ and we will attend to your query at the earliest.