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With an immensely successful journey of 30 years in the field of architecture and design Studio Machaan has expanded its wings in the arena of “Luxury Outdoor Living”. Studio Machaan -established in 2015, - is a team of terrace garden designers in Delhi - incepted on the concept of providing Luxury Terrace Garden Designs and Customised Outdoor Garden Products / Terrace Products for your Terrace and Open Air Spaces. Studio Machaan – based in New Delhi - is a group of highly motivated and skilled individuals - Terrace Garden Designers - who are ambassadors of luxury amidst greenery and is the perfect stop for value addition to your space. Studio Machaan is a concept which promises to create “your very own nature” amidst the scenario where greenery is making way for urbanisation at a pace faster than ever. With our vision “Luxury Outdoor Living” we at Studio Machaan aim at bringing the very essence of Terrace Gardens, Outdoor Spaces to your homes by creating charming Terrace Garden Designs and beautiful Outdoor Products eventually bringing a breath of fresh air lost in the world of concrete jungle. Space is a luxury. Every inch or nook and corner of your home might be meticulously planned in terms of space utilization. Terraces are often the most under-used space of any household which if bestowed upon with an eye of a designer can blossom into charming and enchanting outdoor spaces. Our Terrace Garden Designers - “Our Green Advocates” -will ensure your Terrace dons a completely magical and scenic appearance. ? Whether you wish to design an exquisite Terrace Garden or adorn it with aesthetic garden products / features our team of terrace garden designers at Studio Machaan can provide you with specialized solutions in terms of terrace garden designing, execution as well as customised and artistic outdoor products. We firmly believe that the comfort and luxury of indoor living can be equally imbued in outdoors too. Allow us to assist you in embracing and feeling the mesmeric beauty of nature! Bring Luxury to your Outdoors Studio Machaan!

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